Get Your Tomatoes!

It’s time to make your fix using tomatoes – canning, BLT sandwiches, and more!

Laura Skelly, an owner of Skelly’s Farm Market in Janesville says, “Demand is about normal.” Last year, they experienced a significantly large demand and Skelly says, “We are still seeing the fact people are willing to pay the price knowing they are homegrown.”

Skelly’s Farm Market grows tomatoes in greenhouses and outside. Skelly says, “We’re trying to find the best possible combination of varieties.” They watch for which varieties of tomatoes are growing best in Wisconsin to make your BLT sandwich or what you’re using tomatoes for delicious! Skelly adds, “We try to grow varieties that are more disease resistant because we can’t get in the greenhouse and till the ground/rotate like we do with our outside tomatoes as much.” It’s amazing to see how big tomatoes can get and Skelly has even seen 4-5 pound large tomatoes!

They have over 100 acres of fresh produce beginning the season with strawberries to now sweet corn, tomatoes, summer squash, green beans, and soon muskmelon. Skelly is looking forward to eating muskmelon and says it’s, “The yellow fruit that’s just absolutely delicious – the flavor is out of the world!” Check out The Skelly’s Farm Market website for more information about tomatoes and their other produce.