Get Paid For Water Quality Practices

Water quality trading is Wisocnsin’s strategy to reduce phosphorous going into lakes and rivers. Permits go to wastewater facilities and private industries establishing how much phosphorus they can allow into the environment. Water quality trading allows these permit holders to pay landowners and farmers upstream to install practices to keep the water clean.

The Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse is the state-contracted marketplace to facilitate the trading. Manager Chris Murphy says the Clearinghouse helps farmers plan improvements to their land to generate credits and connects them to credit buyers.

Want to generate and sell your water quality credits?

  1. Register on the portal:
  2. Provide information on the water quality best management practices (BMPs) to prevent soil erosion and nutrient runoff you are interested in pursuing on your land.
  3. Submit your initial credit registration, and the Clearinghouse staff will reach out to discuss the options to complete your credit verification and sell your credits.

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