Enjoy Breakfast With Cows & Robots

The Dane County Breakfast on the Farm is Aug. 21 from 7-11:30 a.m. at Hinchley’s Dairy Farm.

The Mid-West Farm Report team visits with Tina Hinchley ahead of the breakfast. She says breakfast goers have more to look forward to than pancakes and cheesy eggs — a farm tour will give consumers a look at what goes on behind a gallon of milk.

The Hinchley family installed robots on their farm in December of 2018. Cows walk up to either robot station whenever they want to get milked. The robot uses laser sensors to find the teets. Then, the robot cleans each teet and starts milking. The robot also knows each cow by name and provides the Hinchley family with data they need to make sure their cows are happy and healthy.

In addition, two robots — think of two large Rumbas — make sure the cows’ waste is cleaned up and that the cows are getting enough feed.

Hinchley says the breakfast event is still seeking volunteers. Learn more here: https://www.danecountydairy.com/breakfast-on-the-farm/

Event admission includes parking, breakfast, and all entertainment and activities. Ages 0 – 2 = free; ages 3 – 11 = $4; ages 12 and up = $8.

The breakfast menu: cheesy scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, milk and coffee. Samples of other dairy products will be offered.