Workforce Key For Meat Processor

Tony Humphrey is about a year into sole ownership of TTJ Packing Co. in Cottage Grove. TTJ is a meat processing plant serving Wisconsin meat distributors.

He says he’s staying on top of opportunities for expansion from the state and federal level. And in today’s climate, he’s happy to have maintained a strong workforce. Since Humphrey’s involvement in the business, TTJ Packing Co. has retained 98 percent of staff.

Humphrey is an entrepreneur and second-generation owner of Holly Sales and Service, a distributorship of meat processing equipment. His father, William Humphrey, started the Holly Sales and Service in 1971.

Since 2014, Humphrey has been a silent partner in TTJ Packing Co. located at 2532 Peiper Road in Cottage Grove. The business is tucked behind buildings of R. G. Hutson off of Highway N. In mid-2021 he became the sole owner of the meat processing business when a management team member retired. The meat
processing facility has been in operation since the mid-70s under different ownership.

TTJ Packing Co. processes local cattle with most of the meat going to meat distributors in southern Wisconsin. On a daily basis, between 30 and 50 cattle are processed. Humphrey says they are currently taking cattle processing bookings.

TTJ Packing Co. can be reached at (608) 839-8865 and found online at