WBIA Bull Test Sale Sees Success

WBIA Central Bull Test Sale was held this past Saturday, April 2nd and was a record breaker. The sale was held via DVAuction and live auction.

Overall 61 Bulls averaged $4,060. This sale was a “record breaking” sale for WBIA. It only took 65 years, but our sale average was the highest it has ever been. The buyers liked the bulls that the consignors entered into our test and sale.

35 Angus averaged $4,150
8 Red Angus averaged $4,155
7 Simmental averaged $4,320
7 Simm/Ang averaged $3,750
2 Herefords averaged $3,500
2 Charolais averaged $2,875

Bulls from this year’s sale are going to: Wisconsin and Iowa.

Matt and Angie Solverson, new consignors to the test from Darlington, WI consigned the top selling Angus bull in this year’s WBIA bull sale. Solverson’s bull, lot # 19, a GAR Hometown son sold for $6,500 to Brandon Buscher also from Darlington, Wisconsin. Two Angus bulls tied for the second high selling Angus bull in the sale. They sold for $5,750. Dan and Lana Bonte, Glenwood, WI sold their bull a GB Fireball 672 son to Dennis Stoakes from Traer, Ia. The other second high selling consignors were Dan and Leanne Teasdale from Cuba City, WI. Their animal was sold to Ken and Heather Curtis, Shullsburg, WI. HF Capitalist 9018 was the sire of the Teasdale bull.

Double A Simmentals from Janesville, WI sold the top two priced Simmental bulls at the sale. Lot # 6 sold for $6,250 to Ron Rech who is from Lancaster, WI. This bull a KBHR High Road E 283 son was the top selling Simmental bull. Rech also purchased the second high selling Simmental bull a KBHR High Road E 283 son for $4,750. This bull was also consigned by the Arndt family.

The top selling Red Angus bull was consigned by UWP Pioneer Farm from Platteville, WI, Lot # 54 sold for $6,250 to James Carlson, Prentice, WI. This bull was a son of Bieber CL Stockman E119. $4,250.00 was paid for the next top selling Red Angus bull. Lot # 59, also a Bieber CL Stock Market E119 also sold to James Carlson of Prentice, WI. This bull was owned by Joe Scott, WISCMO Stock Farm, Cross Plains, WI.

Lundell Family Cattle, Livingston, WI and Double A Simmentals, Janesville WI sold the two top selling Simmental Angus Composite bulls. Lot # 23 a BMW Onset son sold for $4,750 to Shannon Wolf, Lancaster, WI. Matt Carns, Platteville, WI purchased the other top selling Simmental Cross bull, from Double A Simmentals, Janesville, WI for $4,750.00. This bull was sired by Triple C L. Taylor.

Caleb and Alissa Ahrens, Monroe, WI consigned the top selling Hereford bull a UPS Mighty 7850 ET to Larry Pedretti, Genoa, WI. This bull sold for $4,250.

Bill and Penny Zimmerman, One Penny Ranch in Foley, MN sold the top selling Charolais bull for $3,000 to Leibfried Farms, Potosi, WI. The sire of this bull was One Penny Blanco Flash.