Videos Help With Biosecurity On Livestock Farms

Staff from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Division of Extension produced an educational video series about biosecurity on livestock farms.

The three videos instruct livestock owners on how to protect their animals from disease-causing microorganisms.

“No one is more vested in the success of your livestock operation than you are. Your farm’s biosecurity plan depends on you,” says DATCP Assistant State Veterinarian Elisabeth Patton. “Successful biosecurity plans are dependent on consistent and thorough management steps that you and everyone on your operation practice every single day to reduce the risk to your animals and your herd.”

The first video focuses on basic biosecurity practices for livestock operations. The second video outlines practices for biosecurity at fairs, shows, and exhibitions. The third video provides an overview of biosecurity during disease response.

Watch the series:

The videos are appropriate for all age levels, from youth who are planning to show animals at a fair for the first time, to longtime producers. Regardless of experience level caring for livestock, these videos demonstrate how to protect animals and prevent the spread of diseases.

“Biosecurity means keeping animals healthy by protecting them from diseases. Anytime we bring animals together from different farms, there is a risk of sharing germs,” says Extension Senior Outreach Specialist Sandy Stuttgen. “However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of introducing and spreading diseases while attending shows and steps to take to not bring diseases home to your farm.”