CDR Offers Plethora Of Short Courses

The Center for Dairy Research is here to help with all aspects of dairy processing training. CDR’s experts lead short courses and training on cheese, dairy ingredients, processing, safety, and quality. The following courses are in-person at Babcock Hall on the UW-Madison campus.


On May 1-2, this training program covers the basic concepts and steps of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point method for evaluating, identifying, and controlling hazards. The International HACCP Alliance accredits the workshop tailored to benefit dairy processors. Registration closes April 17.


On June 18-20, learn the fundamentals of buttermaking along with topics on buttermilk, microfixing, and defects. The course is for buttermakers who want to learn or confirm their understanding of the basics of butter. They’ll also experience sensory, evaluation, hands-on labs, and various applications of butter. Registration closes June 4.

Dairy Ingredients

On Sep. 10, this introductory course will cover the manufacture of dairy ingredients and their many applications in the food, pet, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. The sessions include information on a variety of dairy ingredients including whey, permeate, milk protein, whey protein, and lactose. This course is for product developers who work with dairy ingredients or food industry professionals interested in learning more about dairy processing and ingredients. Registration opens July 16.

Dairy Protein Beverage

On Sep. 11-12, this course covers beverages containing dairy proteins including milk proteins, casein, and whey. Topics range from ingredient formulation and processing to stabilization of neutral and acidic beverages stored at refrigerated or ambient temperature. The course is for product developers, processors, and beverage manufacturers interested in using milk proteins or learning more about their functionalities. Registration opens July 12.

See the full list of upcoming courses for both professionals and cheese mongers: