State Food Safety Admin Retires

Steve Ingham, the administrator for the Division of Food and Recreational Safety at DATCP, will retire Dec. 16.

“Throughout his tenure at DATCP, Steve understood that we serve as a resource to as well as a regulator of the industry,” says DATCP Secretary Randy Romanski. “Under his leadership, the division was able to educate and regulate, and staff understood that the industry shares our goals of creating access to safe, nutritious food and healthy businesses.”

Ingham has served 14 years as the state’s top food safety official, working under five different secretaries. He’s led 227 employees statewide; guided the transfer of restaurant, lodging, and recreational programs to DATCP from DHS; supervised Wisconsin’s efforts to become the first state to be fully compliant with federal manufactured-food safety program standards; and coordinated the state’s entry into the federal program that allows for the interstate shipment of state-inspected meats.

“Leading a top-notch food and recreational safety regulatory program at DATCP has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Ingham says. “I leave my post with the utmost pride and admiration for my colleagues over the years. Their professionalism and passion for public health serves Wisconsinites well.”

DATCP is now seeking an experienced, effective manager to lead its Division of Food and Recreational Safety. For more on this opportunity, see the posting: