Praising E-15 Announcement

An announcement from President Joe Biden in Iowa is getting praise from Wisconsin agriculture.

Biden announced that his administration would be taking quick action to ensure American consumers have access to E15, a low-cost fuel choice.   

In response to the development, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association released the following statement from President Mark Hoffmann:

“Wisconsin corn growers thank President Biden for ensuring accessibility to E15 – a low-cost fuel choice.  His recognition of renewable ethanol not only ensures a low-cost fuel source but also improves our energy security.”  

Erik Huschitt, President of the WI Biofuels Association, also expressed gratitude.

“We applaud the action today of President Biden to save consumers money and ensure the availability this summer of lower cost, higher value fuel.  E15 or Unleaded 88 has been sold throughout Wisconsin now for several years, but an outdated and arbitrary EPA rules threatened to remove the fuel’s availability this summer.

“Fuel containing 15% ethanol, rather than the standard 10%, costs less, has higher octane for performance, and has a much lower carbon score.  It’s a win, win, win for consumers, our Wisconsin economy, and the environment.”