Prairie Farms Takes Home 20 Ribbons In National Contest

The annual National Milk Producers Federation Cheese and Yogurt Contest was successful for Prairie Farms Dairy. With an impressive 20 ribbons, Prairie Farms won more awards than any other company.

“Operating a dairy farm requires being on the job 365 days a year. Our farm families work tirelessly to provide high-quality milk to our dairy plants, and our employees are committed to turning milk from our farms into the finest dairy products available in the marketplace,” says Prairie Farms’ Board President Frank Doll and Prairie Farms’ CEO/EVP Matt McClelland in a joint statement.

This year, 14 NMPF co-ops competed for 75 awards in 24 categories. Prairie Farms came out on top, earning 27 percent of the awards. This included two top awards and sweeps in four categories: Hard & Mold Ripened Italian, Swiss, Plain Yogurt, and Flavored Yogurt:

  • Swiss Cheese: 1st place – Faribault, Minnesota; Cave Aged Rinded Swiss. 2nd place – Luana, Iowa; Swiss. 3rd place – Luana, Iowa; Baby Swiss.
  • Hard & Mold Ripened Italian Cheese: 1st place – Faribault, Minnesota; Pasteurized Blue Cheese. 2nd Place – Mindoro, Wisconsin; Heat Treated Gorgonzola. 3rd place – Mindoro, Wisconsin; Pasteurized Blue Cheese.
  • Flavored Yogurt: 1st place – Wichita, Kansas; Lemon. 2nd Place – Kansas City, Missouri; Peach. 3rd Place – Wichita, Kansas; Peach.
  • Plain Yogurt: 1st place – Kansas City, Missouri. 2nd Place – Wichita, Kansas.
  • Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese: 1st place – Wichita, Kansas; 2% Small Curd. 3rd Place – Kansas City, Missouri; 2% Small Curd.
  • Cottage Cheese: 1st place – Quincy, Illinois; Small Curd 4%. 2nd place – Chandler, OK; Regular Small Curd.
  • Open Class: 1st place – Luana, Iowa; Neufchatel. 2nd place – Luana, Iowa; Cream Cheese.
  • Natural Cheese Snack: 2nd place – Shullsburg, Wisconsin; Chipotle Cheddar Curd.