Partnering To Navigate Carbon Markets

Compeer Financial, a Farm Credit cooperative based in the Upper Midwest, has announced a new collaboration in the growing carbon market with Indigo Ag, creating an easier path to carbon credit creation. The collaboration will help Compeer’s clients navigate a fast-growing soil carbon market to get started on their carbon farming journey and maximize their long-term profitability potential.

“Compeer is deeply invested in the financial and agricultural health of our member-owners’ operations. Our financial officers and crop insurance teams already have a lot of deep experience understanding and supporting clients looking to make the most out of their acreage,” said Terry Hinds, Chief Asset Quality and Assurance Officer at Compeer Financial. “As the carbon market develops, we want to give our clients a seat at that table. Working with Indigo allows us to offer farmers a scientifically rigorous, high-quality carbon program to help them maximize income and soil health benefits.”

Through its industry-leading carbon farming program – Carbon by Indigo – Indigo connects farmers adopting practices that result in carbon sequestration and abatement with carbon buyers looking to incorporate high-quality offsets as part of their long-term sustainability strategies. Launched in 2019, the program recently issued initial payments to 267 farmers whose efforts in the 2019 and 2020 crop years will result in the world’s first crop of registry-issued agricultural carbon credits generated at scale this Spring 2022. Today, Indigo’s carbon program counts thousands of participating farmers and over 3.5M enrolled acres.

“Compeer has been a leader in its commitment to serving and supporting farmers,” said Chris Harbourt, Global Head of Carbon at Indigo Ag. “We are excited to work together with Compeer, an organization with a shared value of putting farmers first, to build understanding of the carbon farming opportunity and help farmers take advantage of this new revenue stream in a way that maximizes success in the years to come.”

Compeer and Indigo are working closely together to make data collection, soil health practices and a clear path to carbon farming easier for farmers. Compeer Financial clients can participate by communicating with their existing crop insurance specialist or financial officer who will work with a carbon programs expert. Compeer will continue to be a trusted partner with client information and reliable source for market transparency. 

“Understanding the opportunity that carbon markets are developing is one more way we can support clients looking for revenue diversification,” said Hinds. “For those growers who are serious about getting into this market, this partnership takes them one step closer.”