Farm Well Helps You Help Others

We all live in a vulnerable space at one time or another — and for one reason or another. COMET aims to change the trajectory of someone in that vulnerable space headed toward crisis back toward a place of wellness, explains Farm Well Wisconsin Program Director Chris Frakes.

She says a critical factor in changing someone’s trajectory is often another person who says or does something that offers support, care or treatment, and causes a positive change. COMET’s goal is to help people feel more comfortable in providing someone a safe space and a non-judgmental listening ear. 

Frakes notes the pandemic, supply chain disruption and even just the labor intensive work on the farm can be stressors, putting farmers at risk for poor mental health.

When out in your community or working on-farm with folks, look for changes in a person, she explains, such as decreased social engagement, changes in mood, or new life circumstances that could be stressful. Ask directly — how are you really doing?

Being “helpfully nosy” out of care and concern is okay, she says.

Are you interested in doing a Farm Well or COMET training? Visit: and contact Chris Frakes at [email protected]