Pandemic Impacts Grocers

Grocery stores across Wisconsin have faced pandemic-related challenges including supply chain disruptions and workforce shortages. Brandon Scholz, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Grocers Association, says consumers have had to adjust their shopping behaviors based on product availability and cost as a result.

Many shoppers have turned to online avenues for receiving their groceries since the beginning of the pandemic, and Scholz says delivery and curbside pick up have increased to nearly 15 percent of gross sales. Prior to the pandemic, online sales only accounted for 3 percent of gross sales.

Grocery stores have had to adjust their format to accommodate, but are still experiencing workforce issues across the supply chain that make online shopping more difficult than it sounds.

Customers have had to learn to substitute and adjust their shopping patterns in store and through online shopping avenues over the last year. Scholz reminds shoppers that shortages and price changes will continue, affecting shoppers and grocers into the holiday season.