New Lactose-Free Dairy Products Coming Soon

Prairie Farms Dairy is launching four new lactose-free dairy options in what it believes to be an underserved category.

The company’s new lactose-free lineup includes whole and 2% milk in gallons, and cottage cheese and sour cream in 16-ounce tubs.

“With the introduction of lactose-free milk in conventional gallons, we’re not tapping into a trend, but instead normalizing the lactose-free category,” says Matt McClelland, CEO of Prairie Farms Dairy. “By this, I mean we’re addressing the affordability and accessibility of fresh lactose-free milk by offering a family-size gallon. As far as I know, this is a first-of-its-kind solution.”

McClelland says it doesn’t stop with milk.

“A lot of people are missing out on… award-winning cottage cheese and sour cream,” he says. “With our new lactose-free options, they too can enjoy the nutrition and versatility that only 100% real dairy can

Prairie Farms finds consumers want local dairy products. Prairie Farms is owned by dairy farmers. This means the farm-to-table journey is short, with milk traveling an average of 200 miles or less from family farms to local dairy plants.

From there, the process is simple. A natural enzyme breaks down the lactose found in milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream. The lactose-free gallon option offers the convenience of a larger multi-serve container and more value because it contains 33 percent more milk than the 96-ounce option offered by the leading national brand of lactose-free milk.

After a soft launch in April in the St. Louis metro area, distribution of the Prairie Farms lactose-free lineup will expand throughout America’s heartland in June – just in time for dairy month.