Don’t Get Mistaken For A Turkey!

The Wisconsin DNR reminds hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to be aware and stay safe during the 2024 spring turkey season that goes through May 28.

Hunters and public land users may be sharing fields and forests during the season and need to be aware and alert of others in their area. Hunters should follow safety rules, and non-hunters enjoying public lands should consider wearing blaze orange or other high-visibility clothing.

Hunter camouflage is an important part of hunting turkey, but it may also present a problem. The better camouflaged and concealed you are, the less likely another hunter will be able to see you, and the more likely you could be mistaken for a turkey.

“The most common mistake we see is hunters not being certain of their targets,” says Lt. Michael Weber, DNR Hunter Education Administrative Warden. “It’s essential for hunters to positively identify they are shooting at a turkey and that it’s a safe shot.”

Wearing the wrong color could put turkey hunters at risk. It’s especially important to avoid wearing red, white or blue. If a fellow hunter sees a flash of those colors through the brush, you could be mistaken for a turkey.

To dress for success and safety, follow these tips from the National Wild Turkey Federation:

  • Be sure that accessories you carry that are red, white, or blue (decoys, diaphragm calls, box call chalk, candy wrappers, apples, cigarette packs, etc.) are not visible to other hunters.
  • Do not “over-camouflage” by sitting in vegetation so thick that it obscures your vision.
  • If you use a human-made blind or camouflage netting, maintain a clear field of view.