More Fun With Goats

LaClare Family Creamery — known for its world-class goat cheeses — is doubling down as an agri-tourism destination with expanded attractions.

Among the new projects debuting this spring:

  • Larger Greenhouse & Garden Center: A new permanent greenhouse debuts, which is four times larger than the seasonal structure used in 2021. “This is a direct response to the consumer demand we experienced last year,” said Marji Lechner, LaClare’s supply chain manager. “Area gardeners wanted more, so we’re going to give them more. A lot more.”

The expanded garden center will include a broad selection of annuals with a variety of petunias, begonias, bedding plants, tomatoes, herbs, succulents and more. In addition, the greenhouse will offer common perennials, such as Black-eyed Susan, Hostas, etc.

“We’ll have weekend planting classes aimed at creating more personalized planter. These programs will also include a cheese-and-wine pairing,” said Jessi Schoofs, retail manager. “LaClare also has a designated spot for guests to build their planters on site which includes a children’s planting area as well.”

  • Animals Up-Close: Because LaClare cheeses rely on fresh goat milk, the animals behind the creamery’s success also are highlighted in the new additions: LaClare has added a larger goat viewing area as well as a new rock wall for the animals to climb. This is in addition to the creamery’s signature goat tower.

“The freshest milk makes the best-tasting cheese, so it’s just natural that we spotlight the wonderful goats that are the heart of our farm,” Schoofs said.

  • One-of-a-Kind Shopping: Consumers will be able to walk inside a grain bin retro fitted as an outdoor shopping area. “You’re not going to get that experience at the local shopping mall,” Lechner noted. “If you want an inside view of agriculture, you can’t get much more ‘inside.’”
  • Expanded patio area: Fans of the LaClare café’ will have more outdoor dining available, as well as guests who just want to rest their legs with the expanded seating.

In 2019, LaClare undertook a major plant expansion that doubled its cheesemaking space and created a Visitors Center with self-guided tours. In 2021, it added its trademark “goat tower” and introduced the greenhouse concept. Last June, LaClare also hosted ENVISION Greater Fond du Lac’s Breakfast on the Farm, which drew several thousand visitors.

“All our 2022 projects are building upon the momentum we’ve experienced over the last several years,” Schoofs said. “Mom can shop. Dad can eat. The kids can observe the animals. Grandparents can relax in the patio area. We’ve created a place that the whole family can enjoy together.”

LaCLare has also added more family events for guests who want to fully immerse themselves with a “day on the farm,” which includes yoga with the goats, family picnics, crafting events, planting classes, kid charcuterie classes, Tapas, baby goat snuggles, “Goats and a Good Time” happy hour specials, and many more activities.