Kwik Trip Continues Expansion

Kwik Trip will invest more than $151 million to expand its operations at multiple locations throughout Wisconsin. This will create more than 500 jobs by 2027. It also qualifies the La Crosse-based retailer to earn an additional $15 million in tax incentives from the state.

Kwik Trip serves customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and South Dakota with 865 convenient, clean retail convenience stores. It also distributes more than 80 percent of the products featured in the stores. Kwik Trip has its own commissary, bakery, dairy, and distribution center in La Crosse.

“Kwik Trip is one of Wisconsin’s most instantly recognizable success stories,” says Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes. “While most of us are familiar with Kwik Trip for its retail operations, the company continues to grow its manufacturing and supply chain base in our state, which is creating hundreds of jobs and new investments even faster than anyone could have anticipated.”

The newly proposed capital investment would encompass further expansion of its dairy, commissary, and bakery facilities in La Crosse. It includes the purchase and renovation of an office building in Onalaska, and the construction of a satellite distribution center.

This is the third time the state has invested in Kwik Trip’s growth in Wisconsin, raising the company’s eligibility for tax credits to a total of $41 million. Since the state and Kwik Trip entered into the Enterprise Zone agreement in 2017, the company has invested more than $325 million into its Wisconsin support center operations. This has created nearly 1,800 new eligible full-time jobs, and grown and fostered mutually beneficial relationships with numerous Wisconsin supply chain partners. As a result of the growth at its La Crosse support center and the construction and acquisition of 168 new retail locations, Kwik Trip’s total eligible Wisconsin employee count has increased from 4,342 in 2017 to 12,442 in 2023, a total increase of 8,100 workers.

Kwik Trip operates 506 stores in Wisconsin and known for creating its own line of food products. It was first awarded up to $21 million in Enterprise Zone tax credits in 2017. The company’s rapid growth led to an amendment raising that eligibility by $5 million, primarily to expand its production facilities in La Crosse. At that time, the company anticipated hiring at least 662 new workers and investing at least $378 million in the project.

So far, the company has spent more than $325 million in capital investment and created 1,793 new jobs eligible to earn tax credits. Because Kwik Trip is exceeding the goals of its Enterprise Zone, the WEDC board voted last month to amend Kwik Trip’s contract to make it eligible for the additional $15 million in tax credits. The actual amount of credits will depend on the number of created jobs and invested capital.

“Growth is good, not only for Kwik Trip, but most importantly for our coworkers and the communities we serve,” says Kwik Trip President and CEO Scott Zietlow. “As a Top Workplace, we are able to provide strong, vibrant jobs throughout Wisconsin. We appreciate the support from the WEDC to make this happen.”