Be Aware: Scammers Impersonating PSC

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) has received several reports of an unknown individual or group impersonating PSC staff in the Milwaukee area and soliciting consumers at their homes. In at least one case, the impostor appeared to be selling a solar energy system and distributed marketing materials with unauthorized use of PSC logos and branding. According to another report, the impostor gained access to a consumer’s electricity meter, took a photo, and informed the resident they would return later.

A door-to-door solicitor misrepresenting that they are affiliated with a government organization is prohibited under Wisconsin’s direct marketing law. Before saying anything other than a short greeting, these solicitors are required to disclose who they are, who they are soliciting on behalf of, and what they are selling.

PSC and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) urge consumers not to allow these impersonators into their homes or share any information with them. PSC will never visit your home to sell you a product, check your meter, or require access to any utility equipment. If you are solicited by a person claiming to represent PSC, contact local authorities.

Consumers should contact PSC at (800) 225-7729 to verify if an interaction they had with PSC staff was legitimate, or if they have questions on energy issues, including any questions related to understanding their utility bill, accessing assistance programs, or operating customer-owned generation systems.  ​