Farmer Angel Network Is Back

The Farmer Angel Network is proud to announce Outdoor Movie Night for area farm families, Thursday, June 17 at the Starlite 14 Drive-In Theater in Richland Center. Spirit Untamed, a family friendly movie, will be shown. Tickets for area farm families are being provided by Farmer Angel Network and its sponsors. Reservations are necessary. The link is located on the Farmer Angel Network Facebook page. Be sure to select the correct number of tickets. Farm families will receive a voucher at the gate which will be good for $30 off concessions, courtesy of Farmer Angel Network.

The Outdoor Movie Fun Night for Farm Families is made possible in large part by the Food, Faith, and Farming Network and Worldwide Education & Research Institute. The Farmer Angel Network looks forward to a great night of fellowship and support for farmers, Thursday, June 17, at the Starlite 14 Drive-In Theater, Richland Center. If you’re a farm family, please consider signing up today!

The Farmer Angel Network (F.A.N.), builds strong rural communities that support agriculture by providing education, resources, and fellowship with a focus on mental health, through;

●        Fellowship and support for farmers
●        Build community connections/ networks among farmers and between farmers and their communities
●        Education and resources
●        Mental health support
●        Appreciation for farmers
●        Celebrate and embrace rural culture

Contact for more information:
Dorothy Harms – email: [email protected] phone: 608-524-2421 cell: 608-495-0249