Competition “Grate” At 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest

Judges from across the world met at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, WI this week, eager to select winners across 141 classes. A total of 2,978 entries were submitted by cheesemakers from 29 countries worldwide.

Craig Gile, from Cabot Creamery in Vermont, says his judging career is fueled by other judges and supporters of the event. He says that being surrounded by some of the most forward thinking dairy minds in the world, and some of the greatest cheeses in the world, have brought him to Wisconsin for the last ten years.

He says his most memorable moment at the World Championship Cheese contest was in one of his first years as a judge, when a Wisconsin cheesemaker won grand champion – Marieke® Gouda was a fairly new cheese maker at the time, and has continued to compete in the competition since.

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