Put A Face To Wisconsin Agriculture

Like many businesses, Wisconsin’s agricultural tourism destinations have been impacted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, hindering opportunities to teach consumers about Wisconsin agriculture.

Sheila Everhart, president of the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association, says that many agricultural tourism operations had to pivot how they operated their businesses since the onset of the pandemic, but found in 2021 that the demand for farm fresh food is on the rise.

Business owners reported their best years in 2021, she says, where consumers are now focussed on buying local and supporting local farms. They are also looking for opportunities to leave urban areas and explore America’s Dairyland, and learn about everything Wisconsin agriculture has to offer.

The Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center is an educational resource where consumers can learn just that – visitors even have an opportunity to watch the birth of a baby calf, or follow a farm to table journey. 

The Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association will also be hosting a Meet and Greet on Saturday, March 19th at the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, where consumers have an opportunity to put a face to Wisconsin agriculture. Learn more at wiagtourism.com.