Certified Angus Beef: BQA Boosts Consumer Confidence

Certified Angus Beef continues to look how to give credit to farmers for the good work that they’re doing. That’s why CAB has partnered with Sysco on the new ‘Raised With Respect’ initiative.

CAB Director for Producer Engagement Kara Lee tells Mid-West Farm Report that the new initiative aims to grow producer involvement in Beef Quality Assurance certification:

She explains that producers respect the consumer’s need for high-quality beef raised right. Consumers want to know that producers are invested in sustainability, safety, and the best care for animals. Both want the same thing – respect for the animal and for each other.

“While BQA is not a new program to producers out there, we continue to see a high rate of consumer confidence that when they found out that producers are BQA-certified, they have a higher confidence level in the beef products that they’re buying,” Lee says.

Through the Raised With Respect initiative, CAB and Sysco are investing in more BQA certification events and resources for producers. Learn more: https://cabcattle.com/raisedwithrespect/