Blain’s Farm & Fleet’s Unveils AnimalRX

In light of recent changes by the FDA impacting the status of several over-the-counter (OTC) animal medications and the ongoing calving season at the forefront, Blain’s Farm & Fleet developed AnimalRx. It is a dynamic solution to support farmers and producers during this pivotal time.

In June 2023, the FDA implemented Guidance for Industry (GFI) #263. This impacts various OTC medications containing medically important antimicrobials, transitioning them to prescription status. This change now requires medications, such as Oxytetracycline, Sulfisoxazole, Erythromycin, and others to be obtained with a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. This regulatory shift adds a new layer of complexity for farmers.

While farmers and producers still have access to these antibiotics, the requirement for obtaining a prescription from their veterinarian before purchasing from their preferred supplier, such as Blain’s Farm & Fleet, poses a new hurdle. Many farmers don’t have time for this extra step, especially during critical periods, such as the ongoing calving season.

“Urgency in obtaining affordable prescriptions for your animals, especially during calving season, is crucial,” stresses Steve McCombs, Buyer at Blain’s Farm & Fleet. “The introduction of stands as a dynamic and essential resource. It aids animal owners in effortlessly navigating the new regulatory landscape. With spring calving imminent and stockpiles dwindling, AnimalRx embodies our commitment to delivering prompt and effective solutions for farmers.”


AnimalRx, available through, guarantees a simple and affordable process for ordering prescription medications for animals. It empowers farmers and producers with a convenient way to adhere to the new FDA guidelines. This service underlines Blain’s Farm & Fleet’s unwavering commitment to the agricultural community by offering cost-effective, accessible, and comprehensive solutions. With a wide selection of medications, farmers, producers, and also pet owners can trust Blain’s Farm & Fleet to continue providing top-quality products and services, ensuring the health and well-being of their pets and livestock.

Kristin Stewart, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Blain’s Farm & Fleet, reinforces the company’s dedication to its customers. She says, “AnimalRx signifies a substantial leap forward in our ongoing commitment to prioritize our customers and their beloved animals. Recognizing Blain’s Farm & Fleet as the trusted go-to for superior service and top-quality products for both pets and livestock within our community, we were determined to find a solution alleviating the impact of these regulatory changes. This launch guarantees a seamless transition, offering top-tier products and services designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of our neighbors.”

For more information about the FDA’s transition of OTC animal medications to prescription status and how Blain’s Farm & Fleet stands with farmers through the creation of AnimalRx, visit: