Antibiotics Insights And Nutrient Utilization

Presented by PDPW, The Dairy Signal™ will feature new episodes next week with insights on antibiotic usage, nutrient utilization for the upcoming growing season and a bi-weekly market update. On Tues., April 12, learn about the difference between antibiotic resistance and residues, and tune in on Wednesday for a panel discussion on crop rotation and nutrient options. The Thurs., April 14, episode will highlight industry news and market trends for the dairy industry.

Tuesday, April 12

Take a deep dive into antibiotic usage on farms, including best practices around mitigating antibiotic resistance and minimizing antibiotic residues. Episode presenter will be:

·        Brian Lubbers, DVM, Associate Professor, Food Animal Therapeutics, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University

Wednesday, April 13
Fertilizer pricing and availability will drive many decisions regarding crop rotations and feed rations for the upcoming growing season. After this expert panel shared valuable recommendations and insights on crop growing choices and nutrient input options at the 2022 PDPW Business Conference, there’s been demand to have them present to a broader audience. Episode presenters will be:

·        James Bailey, Owner, ProAGtive Dairy Nutrition

·        Eric Birschbach, Owner and Operator, Ag Site Crop Consulting, LLC

·        Matt Lange, Business Consultant, Compeer Financial

Thursday, April 14

Global news is impacting agriculture markets on a daily basis. Tune into the bi-weekly market update to hear the latest developments and how they could impact your business. Episode presenter will be:

·        Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company           

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