Workshop On Calf Health Next Week

Dairy farmers and industry consultants are invited to a virtual workshop on Dec. 13-14.

This is two days of lectures, herd investigations, group discussions, and problem sets led by dynamic speakers from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences. Topics cover a successful calf rearing program.

Dr. Terri Ollivett will take a deep dive into neonatal diarrhea and respiratory disease – some of the main symptoms of management failure. She will teach participants how to troubleshoot calf health following her #WeanClean philosophy and cover major calf topics such as maternity and colostrum management, feeding rates and strategies, biosecurity, and hygiene.

Did you know that two heads are better than one? Dr. Jennifer Van Os will discuss best practices to promote welfare in calves raised in pairs or small groups, and share guidelines to help you determine if you’re ready to move away from individual housing.

There’s been a lot of buzz about heat stress, but how does heat stress affect calves? Dr. Jimena Laporta will present the latest research on how pre- and postnatal stressors contribute to an offspring’s future potential and some solutions to mitigate heat stress in calves.

Proper housing can set calves and heifers up for success. Courtney Halbach will cover the importance of building barns to maximize ventilation and provide calves with a comfortable place to rest while Dr. Nigel Cook will discuss the latest in housing recommendations for growing heifers.

Register by Dec. 12 at noon! Dairy farmers get a discounted registration rate: