WFU Praises Farm Support Program

Wisconsin Farmers Union is pleased by the Evers Administration’s announcement of an additional $50 million in direct payments to support Wisconsin farmers. The funding, which will be distributed through a new round of the Wisconsin Farm Support Program, was a highlight of the Governor’s visit to Govin’s Farm in Menomonie. The new aid is a follow-up to $50 million distributed through the program in 2020.

“We appreciate the investment in helping Wisconsin recover from the rollercoaster that our family farms and small businesses have endured over the past year,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden. “We’ve had some challenges with Mother Nature on top of an already difficult market year for many commodities, so this funding will provide a pivotal forward in strengthening our agricultural economy as we move forward.”  

WFU appreciates improvements that have been made throughout the past year’s cycles of pandemic relief to ensure the aid reaches different types of farms. 

“The ongoing pandemic has altered Wisconsin agriculture in fundamental ways,” said WFU Government Relations Director Nick Levendofsky, who was on-hand at Govin’s to thank the Governor for making sure rural Wisconsin was not overlooked in the pandemic response. “Rural people are resilient, but this aid will help ensure that we are building back stronger with investments in Wisconsin infrastructure, tourism, small businesses, and overall economic well-being.”