WFBF: Export Initiative will Help Farmers, Agribusinesses and Rural Communities

Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Kevin Krentz spoke at a press conference today held at the state Capitol. He spoke in support of the agricultural export initiative proposed by Rep. Tony Kurtz and Sen. Joan Ballweg.

“Exports are extremely important to agriculture,” Krentz said “Exports provide opportunity, innovation and advancement throughout the agricultural community. Not only do they funnel income to the farm gate, but they also drive processors to continue strengthening the food supply chain infrastructure.”

The purpose of the bill is to overtly step up the efforts to increase agriculture exports from Wisconsin with specific benchmarks and create strategies to achieve this. Additionally, the bill calls for a cooperative effort between the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s Center for International Agribusiness Marketing.

Krentz said, “Increasing exports not only supports our hardworking farmers across Wisconsin, but also supports rural communities across our great state. That support has never been more welcomed.”

The bill potentially spends $1 million annually for five years to increase dairy products, meat, poultry, fish and crop export volumes.

“We have to invest in our rural communities and this bill is one way we should do so,” Krentz said. “Spending $1 million to increase the exports of dairy, meat and other crop products is money well invested. These investments help create long term relationships with export markets that could pay dividends for Wisconsin agriculture and our local communities for years to come.”

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization representing farms of all sizes, commodities and management styles.