WFBF Also Praises Ag Export Bill

Earlier this month, Gov. Tony Evers signed Assembly Bill 314, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 92, investing $5 million to export Wisconsin agricultural goods.

Under the act, DATCP’s Center for International Agribusiness Marketing will work with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. on a plan to increase the value of Wisconsin’s milk and dairy, meat, crop and other product exports by 25 percent by June 30, 2026.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Krentz applauds Evers for his support of the initiative.

“These investments help create long-term relationships with export markets that are sure to pay dividends for Wisconsin agriculture and our local communities in the years ahead,” he says, adding that WFBF is pleased to see unanimous support of the bill in both the Assembly and Senate prior to arriving on the guv’s desk.

Krentz notes the legislation will help support the diverse commodities grown in Wisconsin through much needed market access and support.