Time To Get State Fair Ear Tags

As you prepare your animal projects for the Wisconsin State Fair, don’t forget to buy your 840 ear tags and DNR sample envelopes.

DNA identification technologies have proven to be instrumental in safeguarding the reputation and integrity of Wisconsin’s youth livestock programs. You must submit DNA identification to be eligible for all 2024 Wisconsin State Fair Championship awards in the market and non-registered breeding stock shows of the Junior Beef, Boer & Market Goat, Sheep, and Swine Divisions.

Wisconsin State Fair’s process for 2024 DNA identification is:

Non-registered Boer Goat Does must also have 840 tags and DNA samples.

Wisconsin State Fair requires an 840 ear tag as official animal identification. The preferred ear tag is the 840 RFID, but any official 840 ear tag will do. The fair recognizes the 15-digit sequence of numbers beginning with “840” as the individual animal identification number. Wisconsin State Fair says the 840 RFID ear tags will speed up unloading and check-in procedures.

Wisconsin State Fair requires DNA sample envelopes to collect and submit DNA samples. You can buy envelopes from the Wisconsin State Fair or county fair programs that use Animal ID Inc. as their DNA service provider. You must return envelopes to the state or county fair from which you bought them. Wisconsin State Fair will not accept DNA samples for processing that are not in official Wisconsin State Fair envelopes.

You must identify sample envelopes in the exhibitor’s name or immediate family member’s name. If using the immediate family names, all siblings’ names MUST appear on both the envelope and the DNA Identification document. Wisconsin State Fair does not consider cousins as immediate family.

Wisconsin State Fair DNA identification 840 ear tags and sample envelopes are available for purchase online by credit card at entry.wistatefair.com.

  • DNA Identification Sample Envelope: $8.00
  • 840 RFID Ear Tag: $8.00
  • DNA Identification Sample Envelope and 840 RFID Ear Tag: $16

If you’re sending DNA sample envelopes to the Wisconsin State Fair, you MUST return them via mail, Fed Ex, or UPS. Address envelopes to: Wisconsin State Fair, Agriculture Department, 640 S 84th St, West Allis WI 53214

The deadlines to return DNA identification sample envelopes are in May to be eligible for champion awards. Please contact Wisconsin State Fair at entryoffice@wistatefair.com with additional DNA identification questions.