Teachers Asked To Place Seedling Orders Now

The Wisconsin DNR is offering free tree seedlings to every fourth-grade student in Wisconsin. This is a part of the department’s annual Arbor Day tree planting program.

Wisconsin fourth-grade principals, teachers and those who homeschool can now place seedling orders and coordinate delivery. Complete the 2024 Arbor Day application by March 15.

Arbor Day (April 26, 2024) is dedicated to increasing the number of trees across the country to help improve the environment.

Through its fourth-grade Arbor Day tree planting program, the DNR provides interactive education to students around the importance of trees. Annually, the DNR provides approximately 50,000 free tree seedlings to fourth-grade students throughout the state.

Seedlings come protected to keep backpacks clean. Shipments include educational information on how to best plant and care for seedlings and trees.

“Trees provide a variety of benefits to both people and the planet. They give off oxygen, trap carbon dioxide, feed and provide shelter for furry forest creatures and provide materials to build a variety of essential household items,” says DNR Chief State Forester Heather Berklund. “This program enables us to bring forest education directly to the hands of students and teach them about the importance of trees and of managing and restoring our forests.”