Swine Operation Focuses On Sustainability

As part of Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Leader of the Land Series, Roth Feeder Pigs of Wauzeka, Wisconsin was able to host a discussion on what sustainability means to them and what the pork industry is focusing on. AV Roth, owner and fifth generation on his family farm says that there are many aspects to sustainability, including the environment, animals, profitability, people and the community. He finds it important to focus on these things, not only to take care of the land around him, but ensure the farm thrives for years to come.

Reflecting back on the generations before him, Roth says things have come quite a long ways over the years. Farming practices have changed and more emphasis has been put on taking care of the land we use. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to make raising hogs and crops more efficient and sustainable.

Roth has also had the honor of serving on the National Pork Producers Council, even as president and now past-president. Serving on the council, he has learned more about pork production across the US and been able to network with other producers to share ideas and make an impact for the US pork industry. They serve as a voice for producers to legislators to help promote the industry and find the best solutions and support for them. He has also experienced first hand the struggles hog farmers have had through the pandemic, speaking one-on-one with other farmers. Even through the tough times, he hopes that the US pork industry will come out better on the other side of the pandemic.

WFBF President, Kevin Krentz also shares the importance of these Leaders of the Land programs. Farm Bureau’s goal with this series was to feature a diversity of Wisconsin farms and share the amazing things that they do every day. Sustainability is a main topic of these gatherings, and he hopes farmers can learn from each other as sustainability looks different for every farming operation. Wisconsin Farm Bureau hopes to continue these programs into the future to continue to educate and feature Wisconsin’s hard working agriculture industry.