Supports Emergency Response Equipment

Teamwork is critical when volunteer fire, rescue and ambulance departments need to respond to emergencies – especially in rural America.

The Fund for Rural America, Compeer Financial’s corporate giving program, is introducing a new grant program this year to fill in gaps when it comes to specialized equipment for emergency response departments. The Emergency Response Equipment Regional Collaboration Grant Program encourages collaborative spirit to help bring specialized equipment to local departments working together to benefit rural communities.

“We know rural departments often share resources and important pieces of life-saving equipment,” said Karen Schieler, senior corporate giving specialist with Compeer Financial. “The spirit of collaboration is strong for emergency departments across Compeer’s territory and we hope these grants can help impact even more lives.”

Specialized equipment covered by the grant can include chest compression systems, fit testing machines, hydraulic extrication tools, oxygen tank refill equipment and more.

Grants are offered to two or more collaborating rural volunteer fire, rescue or ambulance departments serving adjacent jurisdictions for up to $10,000. Participating departments must be located in or providing services to Compeer Financial’s 144-county territory in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The grant opens August 1, 2022, with a deadline of August 31. For more information about the grant and to apply, visit