Support Local this Holiday Season With SSfW

The holiday season is officially here. This means storefronts, television commercials, and online advertisements are filled with ideas for meals to share and gifts to give. As you make your holiday buying decisions, it’s easy to choose products that support local Wisconsin businesses by looking for the Something Special from Wisconsin™ (SSfW) logo.

The red and yellow SSfW logo is a quick, reliable way to identify genuine Wisconsin products. Nearly 500 companies are SSfW members. You can find a wide variety of products including meats, cheeses, wines, snacks, candies, syrups, soaps, candles, books, and more.

To help you pick the perfect Wisconsin product this holiday season, Ashley Hagenow, the 76th Alice in Dairyland, will be featuring products from several SSfW members.

“Buying local from the Something Special from Wisconsin program members is a great way to show your support for our local producers, processors, small businesses, and our state’s economy,” Hagenow said. “Timeless holiday traditions, whether generations old or just started, are made easy with these locally-produced items.”

For more information and a complete listing of all the SSfW members, visit