PDPW Dairy Insights Summit Right Around the Corner

The rules for dairy farming have been shifting for years. Changes in consumer demand, regulatory policy, animal care as well as environmental practices and more all have an impact on dairy farmers. The 2023 Dairy Insights Summit presented by Professional Dairy Producers® (PDPW) provides an opportunity to hear firsthand from global dairy processors. These speakers have experience in marketing food ingredients, assessing global trends, and also increasing market share in a competitive environment.

Join leading-edge stakeholders at the one-day event on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the program running from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event will be at the Sheraton Hotel, 706 John Nolan Drive, Madison, Wis.

“It is critical for dairy farmers to produce the highest quality milk while also understanding the needs of our dairy processors as they work to meet the demands of consumers around the world,” said Janet Clark, Eldorado, Wis., PDPW vice president. “We need to work together to stay ahead of the curve of dairy trends, information and practices.”

The “Writing the rules to the market-access game,” panel discussion at the summit will feature James McVitty, vice president of trade strategy, sustainability and stakeholder affairs for Fonterra; Martin Bates, president, global relations and marketing for Dairy Farmers of America; and also Ryan Baraniuk, vice president of marketing for Arla Foods Canada. Chad Vincent, CEO of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, will facilitate the discussion. Topics will include shifts in the dairy industry and what they mean to on-farm sustainability, consumer demands and growth opportunities. The panelists will also provide insights on how a move to global regionalization will impact individual producers and the industry as a whole.

Other sessions at the Dairy Insights Summit will focus on the challenges of food waste pertaining to the production, distribution as well as retail sectors of the food chain. Tara McNerney, business support manager for Food Loss and Waste will speak to the impact of food waste. She will also talk about projects underway to improve management practices. A panel discussion including Travis Blomberg, campus resource coordinator for University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Sustainability, and Brandon Scholz, president and CEO of Wisconsin Grocers Association, will be facilitated by Shelly Mayer, Slinger, Wis., dairy producer and executive director of PDPW. They will showcase some of the innovations, technologies, processes and creative thinking currently underway to limit food waste.

Registration fee includes the workshop materials and lunch. Dairy Insights Summit is an accredited training and offers up to 5.5 Dairy AdvanCE® continuing education units for each day.

Learn more about the 2023 Dairy Insights Summit and register by visiting www.pdpw.org or contacting PDPW at 800-947-7379.