Networking and Training for Agriculture Interns

Internships have become a critical part of building skills and preparing students for the workforce.  A one-day program presented by the Professional Dairy Producers® (PDP) will give agriculture interns the tools they need to set themselves apart and also excel after college. 

PDP Accelerate is set for July 24, 2024, in Madison, Wisconsin. It will include a full day of interactive, hands-on programming to enhance a summer internship program. 

Wisconsin Pork Association Program and Marketing Director Morgan Worek oversaw their 2023 summer intern, who attended the inaugural Accelerate program. “We wanted her to be able to take advantage of not only networking with other people around her age in the agriculture field but also so she could have access to resources to help her be more hirable and prepare her for the leadership roles she’ll have one day in her full-time job.”

PDP Accelerate will be facilitated by Michael Hoffman, founder and owner of Igniting Performance Inc. Hoffman will combine hands-on learning and also peer networking to ensure interns build the skills they need to excel.

Interns will emerge from PDP Accelerate armed with the ability to initiate meaningful conversations. They will also be able to leverage technology effectively, exude confident body language, and navigate diverse team dynamics. They will be ready to solicit and implement constructive feedback, and also expand their professional networks. All of which are essential attributes for success in the modern workforce.

“As a smaller organization, we don’t necessarily have the ability to provide our interns with every professional development resource on our own. This program fit the bill perfectly,” said Worek. “Accelerate is really beneficial because you’re able to utilize outside resources and not have to reinvent the wheel. You’re able to connect interns with other young people and professionals in our industry. It’s a comprehensive program that effectively prepares your interns for that next level. It prepares them for being a future employee in our industry.”

Learn more about PDP Accelerate and register interns by visiting or calling 800-947-7379.