Looking Ahead: Farm Tech Days 2022

Roehl Acres of Loyal is hosting the 2022 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Clark County. Owned by the Dennis and Suzie Roehl family, Roehl Acres is an over 500 registered dairy cattle farm, cropping 750 acres.

Hosting the event has been a dream of Dennis’ ever since he attended his first show in 1983 at age 14.

Roehl Acres registered dairy herd is milked daily in an over 100-year-old stantion barn. Even though the barn may be considered old technology, it’s working at peak efficiency, with the family milking three sets of cows in the barn twice a day. The Roehl’s purchased the farm in 2005 from Dennis’ father, Lowell, who still helps with the fieldwork. Dennis and Suzie’s children make the third generation on the farm.

Along with operating the farm, Lowell’s brother Erlin and his wife Bonnie Roehl and their family started an event barn up the road to help bring in additional revenue. The event barn, Rustic Occasions, is operated by Doug and Kim Roehl.

The old and the new coincide with 2022’s event theme: Where tradition and technology meet.” The Clark County show is scheduled for July 12-14, 2022.

Chuck Rueth chairs the Clark County show, which last hosted Farm Tech Days in 2005. The county committee has been at work planning this event for almost three years — the time it takes to put Farm Tech Days together. The show costs $1.6 million to put on.

Sharon and Jim Rogers are in charge of fundraising and promoting the event. The county committee has a 1-5-10 club to get businesses large and small involved in sponsoring Farm Tech Days. Rogers says he’s appreciative of bigger companies pitching in and is excited to give small businesses and individuals the opportunity to get involved with the Clark County show.

Paula Ruesch is charged with rounding up volunteers. Young and old, small and tall are welcome to volunteer at the 2022 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Keep an eye out for the signup here: https://www.wifarmtechdays.org/