Local Dairy Farmer Advocates In Madison

At the Dairy Business Association’s Dairy Day at the Capitol, DBA members, leaders and staff called upon lawmakers for action on clean water, truth-in-labeling, agricultural workforce and CAFO program initiatives – although few farmers hold seats in the legislature, there are many working to ensure farmer’s voices are heard. 

Representative Travis Tranel, a long time Grant County dairy farmer, says much of his job revolves around educating his colleagues on agricultural practices, and being an advocate for Wisconsin’s producers.

With one foot in Madison and one on his home farm, Representative Tranel says that he understands first hand the struggles producers face. He says that our state government is well aware of the impact agriculture has, and actively works to include agriculture in discussions held at the capitol.

A full list of the Dairy Business Associations 2022 Priorities can be found here or at https://www.dairyforward.com/page/OurIssues.