Landscape Pesticide Registry Now Available

The 2022 Landscape Pesticide Registry is now available on the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) website at

The dataset of registered properties and participants is available as a sortable spreadsheet, PDF, and interactive map. The map is a visual reference to display parcels listed on the registry. Users can zoom to a specific city or address and look for yellow circles that identify properties listed on the registry. The downloadable spreadsheet or PDF file should be used to verify if an address is registered.

If a customer’s address is on the registry, provide 12 hours advanced notice to the person who listed that particular address prior to making a landscape pesticide application. This includes application to turf, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, lawns, mulched areas, or to control adult mosquitos. Ch ATCP 29.56(8) Wis Adm Code requires you provide the following information:

  1. Address and telephone number of the business making the application.
  2. Address of the landscape to be treated.
  3. Scheduled date of application. If the date changes after giving notice, a revised notice is required.
  4. The brand name, product name, or common chemical name of each pesticide that may be applied.

Homeowners and renters must annually sign up if they want to know in advance when a business is going to apply pesticides to neighboring properties. The 2022 registry is valid from March 15, 2022 to March 14, 2023.

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