Kiel High School Unveils Their “Chocolate Milk Initiative”

What do you refuel your bodies with after a workout? Maybe water or Gatorade? Well students at the Kiel High School refuel with chocolate milk. Emmy Newberg, the Kiel Agriculture Teacher and FFA advisor has partnered with local dairy farms to supply every student involved with after school circulars chocolate milk through their Chocolate Milk Initiative program.

“The idea behind this initiative originated from a neighboring high school. A dairyman shared the concept with one of Keel High School’s school board members. Once I heard about it, I knew we had to do it,” explains Newberg. 

To fund this program, the school sought sponsorship from local dairy farms in the Kiel Area School District. Seven dairy farms have generously contributed to ensure a steady supply of chocolate milk throughout the school year.

“The financial aspect involves a monthly cost of approximately $500 per dairy sponsor,” says Newberg. “The funds collected from these sponsors are managed by Keel FFA alumni, who oversee the purchase and distribution.”

Students actively participate in the initiative by stocking coolers each week with the help of FFA members. The sponsorship details, including the dairy farm logo and also information about the nutritional benefits of chocolate milk, are displayed on the cooler to acknowledge and appreciate the sponsors.

“In the first week alone, the demand for chocolate milk exceeded expectations, with only 20 cartons remaining out of the initial order of 200,” adds Newberg.

The educational benefits of the Chocolate Milk Initiative extend beyond refueling students after physical activities. It serves as a platform to educate students about the importance of agricultural products, particularly dairy. It helps foster a better understanding of the industry and also dispelling misconceptions.