Hive Hugger Creates A Large “Buzz”

Beekeepers across the nation face a common challenge during winter – preserving bee colonies against harsh conditions. Enter Hive Hugger, a game-changer designed to transform how beekeepers approach winterization and declining hive populations.

Inspired by a heartfelt mission and years of extensive research, registered nurse turned beekeeper, Peggy DeSanto, says, “The loss of tens of thousands of bees in my hives was devastating. It drove me to seek a better solution. Thus the Hive Hugger was born.”

In Wisconsin 55% of bee colonies die in the winter. The Hive Hugger has taken that percentage down to about 27%.

The Hive Hugger is a non-ventilation design that preserves moisture while effectively insulating hives. The top panel is crafted from the most efficient insulation material, with effectiveness equal to about 10 inches of foam board. This allows beekeepers to maintain hive temperature above dew point, mimicking natural hive conditions.

Distinguishing itself from conventional beekeeping tools, Hive Hugger prioritizes top insulation over side wraps.

Preliminary studies in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Bee Lab showcase promising results. Hive Hugger-insulated hives maintained temperatures 15 to 50 degrees warmer than traditional hives, leading to reduced honey consumption, stronger immune systems, and healthier colonies in spring.

DeSanto’s Hive Hugger technology received the American Beekeeping Federation’s 2023 Innovation Award. It is available online however DeSanto says it’s not about the money for her but rather helping the bees.