Growmark: Demand For Lower Carbon Only Rises

Even if companies are not getting directly involved in carbon markets – it’s on their radar. Growmark saw interest in carbon credits hike in 2021. That was their sign to start getting acquainted with carbon markets.

Lance Ruppert joins us, he’s the manager of strategic market development for Growmark. He says agriculture is in a neat position going forward as carbon type programs and markets develop because the three Fs — food, feedstocks and fuel – all come through the farmgate. He says this is a huge value opportunity for farm businesses.

Growmark wants to enable its customers to participate and take advantage, specifically through data collection.

“Our own program is a possibility,” Ruppert says. “Back to the data — collecting the data, running that data through models to measure how much your carbon footprint is decreasing, that takes a lot of infrastructure, a lot of investment, and that’s where we’re really working with partners.”

He says the possibility of a Growmark or FS sponsored program is very real.