Grant County Tops 4-H Meats Judging

The State 4-H Meats Judging Contest consists of evaluating and ranking classes of hams, beef carcasses, lamb, beef, and pork cuts. Contestants also identified 25 retail cuts of beef, pork or lamb and 10 cuts of processed meats products, quality and yield graded 5 beef carcasses and completed a 10 question meat label reading exercise. Seniors had to give 1 set of oral reasons on a ranking class. “Meats Judging is a first step in becoming an informed and knowledgeable food consumer. Reading labels and making decisions on food purchases is a key outcome for these participating youth,” says Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Youth Livestock Specialist.

The team from Grant County took top honors in the senior division of the State 4-H Meats Judging Contest held on Monday June 14th , 2021 at The Meat Market in Baraboo, WI. Team members included Jessica Patterson, Luke Patterson, Avery Crooks, Shelby Knoble, and Alayna Barth. The team was coached by Dennis Patterson. The second place senior team, was from Jackson County. Awards were again given this year for the top individual in retail identification and carcass evaluation: Top senior individual in evaluation, retail identification, and oral reasons went to Jessica Patterson of Grant County.

The top junior team was from Grant County. Team members included Libby Vogt, Leah Patterson, Cameron Patterson, Aiden Patterson, Anna Drinkwater, and Kegan Patterson. The team is coached by Dennis Patterson. Sheboygan County earned second place honors at this year’s contest. Special awards were given this year for the top individual in Retail Identification and Carcass Evaluation: Top junior individual in both Retail Identification and Carcass Evaluation went to Libby Vogt of Grant County.

Winning senior teams have the option of attending the National 4-H Meats Judging Contest to be held this fall in Kansas City, MO or the National Western held in January 2022 in Denver, CO. Full results and photos are available at: