From Fields to Fairgrounds: The World of Tractor Pulling

The National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) Wisconsin Chapter offers standalone events and actively participates in fairs. 

Tom Berg, Wisconsin regional director for the NTPA shared insights into the association’s event portfolio  highlighting a nearly equal focus on standalone events and fairs. 

“The allure of fairs lies in the larger crowds we attract. These create an electrifying atmosphere for both participants and spectators,” explains Berg.

With a membership structure on a regional basis, the Wisconsin Chapter ensures that everyone involved is a member. Regional events, drawing participants from three states, showcase the organization’s commitment to fostering a sense of community.

One of the chapter’s crown jewels is the Tomah Super Nationals which draws participants from across the globe. Reflecting on the generational appeal of tractor pulling, Berg noted a growing interest among the younger generation. He says this is driven by a shared passion for high horsepower and also the family-oriented nature of the sport.

The chapter takes pride in the increasing participation of women. He says their involvement underscores the inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere within the association.

“When it comes to the evolution of tractor pulling, the transition from modest horsepower to the current era of thousands of horsepower is what stands out most,” says Berg. “The sport has witnessed advancements, with tractors now being professionally built from the ground up, adding a level of sophistication and increased costs.”

It is a substantial investment to compete in a tractor pull. Machines starting at $200,000 and ongoing maintenance costs highlight the dedication and commitment of participants.

Demographically, the association sees a diverse audience, extending beyond traditional farming circles. A strong presence from construction and city dwellers adds to the versatile and family-friendly appeal of tractor pulling.

“As long as there’s a passion for motorsports, tractor pulling will thrive. Wisconsin is undeniably one of the strongest tractor pulling states in our union,” says Berg.