From Agriculture to Automotive: Full-Service Engine Repair

Imagine you’re putting together your own engine. You’ve gone through the process of picking out the best products. Now you start putting them together to build or rebuild your farm truck or tractor. But then you notice that something is off. Now you have to disassemble the engine and start from scratch. Sound familiar? 

Baril Engine Rebuilding can help solve those issues. Becky Monahan is the Marketing manager and says they help farmers before they even know they need it. 

“We’re a full-service engine machine shop located just minutes off of US 41 in Green Bay. We cater to the needs of both gas and diesel engine owners, including flywheel resurfacing, complete engine rebuilds, and more.”

With a commitment to serving various industries, including agriculture, Baril Engine Rebuilding understands the importance of keeping equipment running efficiently. Farmers rely on their machinery to get work done. Baril provides vital support by offering replacement components, overhauling engines before failure, and sourcing replacement blocks for catastrophic failures. The company’s pickup and delivery services extend from northern Milwaukee to Wausau, ensuring convenience for clients across the region.

“Our goal is to get equipment back in the field as quickly as possible, especially during critical seasons like planting and harvest. Whether it’s a complete engine replacement or reconditioning specific components, we strive to minimize downtime for our customers.”

Baril collaborates with valued partners, including top aftermarket parts distributors and specialized agriculture-specific suppliers, to source high-quality components. Additionally, the company employs trained professionals who undergo a comprehensive training program, starting from disassembly and progressing through various departments under expert supervision.

Their employees are equipped to handle engines of all sizes, from vintage gas engines to modern diesel blocks used in industrial applications. They take pride in their workmanship and have a track record of success stories, including a recent engine rebuild for a vintage tractor enthusiast.