Focus on Energy Gears Up for a Great 2021

Despite the disruptions we all saw happen in our world last year, the good people at Focus on Energy continued to help farmers and those in agribusiness save money and energy in 2020. “We still saw a lot of action, we still saved a lot of energy, and saw a lot of applications come through,” says Jessica Mlsna, an Energy Adviser with Focus on Energy. One of the most popular options among Focus on Energy customers last year, Mlsna says, were the grain dryers.

With that being said, what are the exciting options in store for this year? “One big thing is horticultural lighting measures have now been added to the agribusiness catalog,” Mlsna explains. “They are now a fixture in the agribusiness catalog.” She continues by saying that the requirements for fans have been simplified and incentive rates have been modified, meaning they will now be based off the type of fan you’re after.

To hear the entire conversation between Mlsna and Jahnke, the first discussion of 2021, you can simply click the play button below: