Farmer-Led Watershed Lunch Jan 31

The 3rd Annual Regional Northwestern Wisconsin Farmer-Led Row Crop Meet-Up will take place January 31 at 10 am in Baldwin. This event is for farmers and agriculturalists to come together with others from neighboring watersheds within their region to discuss new ideas and share practical tips for implementation.

Before lunch, the Northwestern Wisconsin Farmer-Led Councils will be hosting Lance Gunderson, president and co-owner of Regen Ag Lab. He will speak about soil testing and understanding results to fully account for nutrients to maximize net profit by ensuring cost efficiency of inputs. Gunderson has reviewed over 50,000 soil tests and will be working with local farmers to examine their test results.

After lunch provided by Compeer Financial, a panel of local farmers and agronomic researchers will be presenting takeaways from a variety of field trials and research. These include phosphorous stratification research locally, local field trials on nitrogen efficiency, economics of expanded rotations, soybean planting date, and real talk on the performance of cover crops this year.

This is an event put on by farmers for farmers, and all row crop farmers are encouraged to come. Farmers who register are eligible for door prize drawings. Those interested should register for this event by January 26.