Does 4-H Have What You Need In Employees?

Heads, hearts, hands and health – they’re the four pillars of 4-H, but how do they play into businesses needs for future employees? That’s what the University of Wisconsin Extension service is asking in a survey they’re conducting this month.

Jill Jorgensen is a WI Youth Development 4-H Animal Science and Agriculture Outreach Specialist in Green Bay trying to drum up some business for the survey. She says their goal is simple, try to get 300 completed survey’s from the state’s business and agribusiness employers before the end of April. Jorgensen the survey will take less than 10 minutes and needs to be filled out by someone over the age of 18 with insights into how the business/agribusiness operates. Respondents can use the QR code below with their smart phones, or access the survey via this link to the Wisconsin Food, Agriculture, & Related Businesses Workforce Needs Survey

Jorgensen says all of the data collected will be shared to help improve programming and the skill set areas identified in the survey as important to employers. She explains more about the survey with Pam Jahnke.