Deadline Is March 15 For Risk Coverage

Farmers not yet enrolled in the Agriculture Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage programs for 2024 have until March 15.

Both safety net programs, delivered by USDA’s Farm Service Agency, provide vital income support to farmers who experience substantial declines in crop prices or revenues for the 2024 crop year. In Wisconsin, producers have completed 48,401 contracts to date, representing 57 percent of the more than 84,000 expected contracts.    
“While we always hope for strong markets, anyone involved in production agriculture knows, the only thing certain is uncertainty,” says Wisconsin FSA Executive Director Gene Schriefer.

Schriefer encourages growers to contact their local FSA county office as soon as possible to set an appointment.
Producers can elect coverage and enroll in ARC-County or PLC, which provide crop-by-crop protection. Or farmers can enroll in ARC-Individual, which protects the entire farm. Although election changes for 2024 are optional, producers must enroll, with a signed contract, each year. If a producer has a multi-year contract on the farm, the contract will continue for 2024 unless there’s a change.   
If producers do not submit their election revision by the deadline, the election remains the same as their 2023 election. If you’re not enrolled by March 15, you won’t get a payment if one triggers.

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