Cow Care Takes Center Stage At PDP Conference

From a calf’s first day through each stage of her life, animal care is the top priority for the farm. Sessions at the 2024 PDP Business Conference will deliver a variety of sessions focused on cow and calf care. Topics focus on boosting animal health, productivity, and profitability on farms of all sizes.

Professional Dairy Producer’s Business Conference is March 13-14 at the Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells. With 54 learning sessions, there is something for everyone. Business conference sessions will also be translated simultaneously for attendees who prefer to learn in Spanish. The two-day event also includes the Hall of Ideas Equipment and Trade Show, Preview Stage, and Nexus stage. The conference also hosts two sessions for teenagers to build their leadership and communication skills.

“Two things make for happy, productive cows — excellent care and well-trained team members ensuring each animal gets the high-quality feed and health management they need,” says Brady Weiland. Weiland is a dairy producer from Columbus and treasurer of the PDP board of directors. “Our team members enjoy each opportunity they get to learn about how to do their jobs more effectively and they always come back to the farm excited to implement what they’ve learned.”

A selection of the presentations focused on cow care and animal wellbeing include:

  • Creative dairy feed solutions” features a panel discussion with Prof. Joseph Bender from the University of Pennsylvania; Mike DeGroot of EDGE Dairy Consulting; and Bill Reyes of Royal Ag Services. Facilitated by Robb Bender of GPS Dairy Consulting, the discussion will highlight alternative feed solutions when inventories run slim.
  • Feeding out 2023 corn silage,” will review 2023 testing results and how to optimally feed cows over the next year. Presented by Andrew Bohnoff of Prairie Estate Genetics.
  • Managing for more dry matter intake,” presented by Kathryn Elliott of ProAGtive Dairy Nutrition, will examine how one extra meal per day can improve cow health and production.
  • Grazing heifers for the win,” led by agronomist Jason Cavadini of UW-Madison Extension, will share updates in research and management practices for raising dairy heifers in managed grazing systems to reduce costs and improve performance, water quality and soil health.
  • Understand optimal heifer breeding goals,” presented by Michael Overton of Zoetis, will discuss the right time to calve heifers to meet profit goals and benefit animal health.

Two Hands-on Hub sessions will provide interactive opportunities for attendees to improve their skills:

  • Prof. Ryan Breuer of UW-Madison, will facilitate “Make the most of her first day”. This focuses on first-response skills for the team members who manage the youngest animals in a dairy herd.
  • Prof. Sylvia Kehoe of UW-River Falls will present “Managing pain from day one“. Attendees will work with cadaver heads to practice proper methods for applying dehorning tools such as burners and paste.

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