Corteva: Biologics Have A Role To Play In 2024

You never know what mother nature is going to bring. 2023 was a bizarre year when it came to the dry weather conditions and the surprising crop yields. But there are some takeaways from this year that should help you decide what type of crop protection products you should think about for the 2024 growing season.

Ron Geis, market development specialist with Corteva, tells us how this past growing season can help tell the story for next year.

“Weed control was a little bit sketchy sometimes,” he said of the 2023 season. “If we didn’t get the rains to get the residuals to go into the weeds as the weeds were taking in their first water, then the residuals didn’t’ work so well. Some of those weeds, when they got to the foliar time to spray, if the humidites were low, those weeds were really defensive.”

Surprises went beyond weed control. In mid-August, Geis found that Midwestern growers experienced white mold despite the dry conditions.

“That’s a little bit concerning as I think through and plan for 2024,” he says.

Geis offers up three Corteva products that might work to your farm’s advantage depending on what scenario you’re planning for.